The Global Peace Museum (GPM)
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[Note: this museum design image is a GPM prospective]

"The Global Peace Museum (GPM) celebrates the goodness of our Global Family."

VISION Statement (see below, under slide-show)


The Global Peace Museum (GPM) will focus upon the many positive things going on around the world and within our Global Family. The GPM will propel Global Citizenship, Justice and Peace by amplifying the great peace legacies of Gandhi & Dr. King, plus in educating about our Global Family's advancements in teamwork, tourism, trade and travel, especially as we all look to Space: The Final Frontier

The Global Movement for the Culture of Peace
(supported by over 1000 peace organizations worldwide) is established on the shared reality that in an interdependent and fast changing world the concept of keeping Peace and enhancing Justice needs to be cherished in both creative and new perspectives.
While the GPM fully agrees and supports the UN Millennium Development Goals, the dimension in which GPM wants to contribute is by supporting "Tourism: The World's Biggest Peace Industry" since it will be constructed next to "ATL", which is the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (the world’s busiest, with almost 100 million annual passengers) and which has expansion plans in the direction of Space: The Final Frontier.
Our GPM prospective physical design in Atlanta US, once established, will facilitate education and teaching on the conservation, exhibition, and study of topics that cultivate the importance of peace and justice for humankind as inspirational as possible. However, our GPM virtual design is already scaling up; for example this early-stage website that will soon have a professional's touch.
Our ultimate goal is to see ripples of hope sparkle around the globe and to encourage every sister and brother of our beautiful global family to rise to new challenges and to find unique ways to propel Peace, Justice and Opportunity for All.
We have these service goals because of our deep appreciation for Mahatma Gandhi & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., plus for every modern peace maker. The globally-respected peace legacies of Gandhi & King have inspired BILLIONS of people worldwide, including our organization. We envision our Global Family in a new era of transformation and together we are all propelling forward the compelling ideals of the Peace Millennium to insure a brighter future for the generations to come.
Our market is the world and our instrument is inspirational education, using a variety of media including thematic exhibitions and speakers being invited in both the spirit of Gandhi and King. We will especially welcome speakers from every corner of the Earth who have the liberty to speak out against factual and current injustice.
Annual GPM rewards will be given to inspiring peace leaders in the world who serve(d) authentic Peace and Justice efforts as part of our engagement with addressing the challenges of our global family worldwide.
The GPM will make every effort to be self-supporting once established in its anticipated design, with the initial help and donations of Organisations, Corporations, and/or persons willing to invest in this headway history-making project. Official GPM Co-Founders are invited and welcomed from everywhere on Earth.
The GPM will support the GPM subdivision: "GPM Organisation for action", - aimed to campaign for ongoing support at all corners of the world.
The GPM is incorporated in the State of Georgia and registered with the GA Secretary of State. The GPM will soon enough apply for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and be a fully developed institution with its own Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and Board of Advisers, Staff, Volunteers and Patrons.
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