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GPM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question: "Where will the GPM be located?"
     Answer: Before the bricks-and-institution is even developed, our goal is to create the world's biggest virtual peace museum on the Internet through this special domain; now in development. Dr. Peter van den Dungen (UK) is one of ACP's distinguished co-founders. He is also General Coordinator for the International Network of Museums for Peace. Therefore, we are already indirectly connected to the 82 other peace museums of the world through which we intend to develop many exhibit collaborations and exchanges. "Dr. Peter" referenced Atlanta: City of Peace and its Global Peace Museum project in an article for the Peace Forum in South Korea.

Question: "Where will the GPM 
bricks-and-institution be developed?"
     Answer: An ideal 8-acre site has been identified in NW Atlanta, and prime 7-acre plot of real estate has been identified in SW Atlanta (it adjoins "The World's Busiest Airport" which has almost 100 million annual passengers)! At both sites, we essentially have a built-in funnel for maximizing the visitation of museum patrons, but to 'CLAIM' one of these ideal sites, we urgently need "BIG CREATIVE WHEELS" to step forward and assist. The good news is that we already have Verner Johnson Inc., one of the world's foremost museum design firms, very interested in our GPM project (they offered, for ACP's use, the prospective GPM design-image above). Do you have GPM co-founder ideas and/or leads to propel funding, design, development and endowment?

Question: "What kind of exhibits do you anticipate?"
     Answer: Please re-read our Mission Statement. Tourism is the world's biggest peace industry. We especially want the GPM developed next to Marta (Atlanta's mass-transit system) to facilitate visits a river of tourists. At our ideal site near the world's busiest airport, we will also be connected to the ATL Sky-Train (the airport's shuttle). Through the museum, we will promote the fact that we are all, essentially, important/integral sisters and brothers in our Global Family. Currently, we have 24 museum exhibit concepts in development and each will elaborate on this. As we all learn to better celebrate the beautiful Global Family that we are all key parts of, then the Peace Millennium will blossom in a huge way. The GPM, located in the birthplace of Dr. King, will 'build bridges' and, as a result 'walls will fall.' FACT: 147 years ago, in 1869, Mark Twain elaborated on the great potentials of peace being cultivated through tourism. From his book 'Innocents Abroad' he stated: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of people and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one's lifetime."

Question: "So, the Global Peace Museum will propel peace on Earth and then some?
     Answer: Yes, regardless of where someone is living, whether it is on the far side of the Earth, or in some future Space Hotel on the Moon, they will first be able to visit the Global Peace Museum online. Also, when they decide to visit the bricks-and-mortar institution here in Dr. King's birthplace, our DREAM is for them to be able to see a full-scale NASA ATLANTIS Space Shuttle (replica) sitting side-by-side with a (future) retired Virgin Galactic Spaceship. NOTE: Sir Richard Branson already has our proposal (send us more ideas on connecting with him). After a visitor comes to the Global Peace Museum, they will ideally be able to go next door... to “The World’s First Commercial Spaceport for Peace” (forward-looking statement and a different project/goal) and then make their own journey to “the final frontier.” THESE are a few details of our DREAM for nurturing the global peace legacy of Dr. King’s birthplace and we invite YOU to be an official co-founder with us so that is will become reality!

Question: "What is the GPM’s ideal cornerstone exhibit?
     Answer: Our global family is at a great new beginning. We are only 16 years into the Peace Millennium (Years 2000-3000). Before long, spaceports will be popping up in various parts of the Earth and carrying space tourists to “the final frontier.” The co-founders for Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. envision “the world’s busiest airport” eventually becoming “the world’s first commercial spaceport for peace.” Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic and one of four aerospace mavericks recruited to establish Spaceport America, has already been invited to assist in the founding of the Global Peace Museum (stay tuned). Ideally we want him to donate one of the (future) retired Virgin Galactic Spaceships for display inside the GPM (help us reach him). In a recent effort, we worked to convince NASA to donate their retired space shuttle ATLANTIS to Atlanta’s newly envisioned international tourist destination. The few words that could be mentioned here, to detail our historic efforts in these areas, would never do them justice. Here are a few details: a) NASA had three shuttles available and they were giving them away for free... but delivery and set-up costs were $28.8 million; b) there were 30 competing museums, both established, and concept museums such as GPM that labored for a shuttle; c)
 The Kennedy Space Center ‘won’ ATLANTIS and it just opened its new $100 Million exhibit!

The official NASA call/recording from Charles Bolden's office in Washington, DC

Question: "How will a Space Shuttle model educate GPM visitors as a GPM cornerstone exhibit?"
     Answer: Our global family is now adventuring out into “the final frontier” and to do that in a peaceful way it will help everyone to regularly recall the powerful words and direction that Dr. King gave us in his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech, entitled:
"Modern man has brought this whole world to
an awe-inspiring threshold of the future.
He has reached new and astonishing peaks
of scientific success... his spaceships have
dwarfed distance... and carved highways through
the  stratosphere... but we have NOT learned
the simple art of living together..."

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